Rowyna Anwen Jerngian

Smoke, Fire, Ferret



Flaming red hair that seems to be Like Fire its Self, Bright Icy Blue eyes with the Whites of her eyes Glowing a Soft Orange mix with Red and Yellow Radiant really in terms, when you get Close enough to her it smells like a Wood Fire Burning Faint but there, she is 5’6’’ 150 Lbs, Thin, very Dainty, shy, polite as well,

Rowyna is from a line of Lords, her Family had hit the Largest Vein of Saphhires and became wealthy because of it, they wre able to hire some other miners to help them Dig it out and help Sell it. they own most of the Mines that Contain Sapphires in the Ruling Area, her Family is her mother and Father, and 2 Older Brothers, She has always looked up to her Brothers, they always made sure she is safe beeing the baby sister, and years Younger then them, in turn she mostly Shy in Nature with her Strick up bringing from her Mother to make sure she is a Proper Lady, her Brothers help her have what little fun they are able to bring her with out there Mother finding out, but While both of them were Off Training, her Life was full of the Same Boring things, what Little Magic she had from her Mother, was Showing but it wasnt exactly like hers, her Magic took on a different Kinda Aspect, Fire, When ever She would be come Fustrated or Angry things would Catch Fire and Cause her to Go into a Panic, her Companion she has was a Gift from her Father, a Ferret
with its Changing Coat of the Seasons, she was happy to Take care of Soemthing Small and Cute while her Brothers were Away training, it Kept her company and helped her enjoy her time with out her Brothers. after a Time, she noticed he started to Glow at Times, or give off more heat then something that Small should, Naming it Embyr, because of the Soft glow it Game off, along with the small heat, more and More Permantly, as time goes Forward, her Brothers Return before a short time of her Leaving to go Train as well. Nervous and Worried of what will go on, but the small Time with her Brothers were Strange the say the Least, seeing how much they have Grown and Change in the years Passing

Rowyna Anwen Jerngian

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